Critical Areas to be monitored


Applied solutions to control, manage and identify black listed cars. Daily traffic in big cities is one of the main concerns of any city hall and police department. Issues and traffic congestion is a day by day matter. Arlotto applied traffic solutions help to manage and have faster response in the case of accidents, conflicts or risky situations.



Why Arlotto?


Special solutions for traffic

Arlotto cameras and NVRs are engineered to work in harsh environment, cameras and NVRs are able to be mounted in the Police Dept. patrol cars and tested to work in vibration, dust, water and heat environments. Performing faultless 24/7 and giving real time support to traffic control applications.


  • Vibration proof hardware
  • Applied LPR software for plate recognition
  • Parking management


Performance proven!

Nothing more important than having a reliable system in a critical installation, Arlotto NVRs and cameras have been tested under most strict stress test, EN50155 or ST810F test are usual high level test in Arlotto quality control. In our pursuit of constant improvement we take to the limit all our special application solutions.


1,2,3 Ready !

Complex solutions made easy, end user shall focus in their main task and work, ensure traffic is safe and city runs smooth. We make our solutions ready to be installed in a “minute”. Arlotto high definition network cameras are POE ready and our ANVR24M mobile NVR also including Gigabit switch with POE power supply so less time, cables and effort is needed to run Arlotto professional systems.


Arlotto Recommended Products


Panoramic Camera AR3520P

  • High definition to get best detail
  • 360º Panoramic image
  • Weather proof IP68
  • IK10 vandal proof
  • No blind areas
  • EN50155 Transport ready
  • Mini-dome AR3510P

    • High definition for best detail
    • Small camera size
    • IK10 vandal proof
    • EN50155 transport ready
    • IP68 weather proof


      • High resolution recording
      • Mobile access
      • ST810F military grade testes
      • Linux base NVR
      • Intel i7 processor
      • Professional performance

    The Challenges:


    • Management peak traffic
    • Real time traffic surveillance
    • Risk management
    • Alarm/action combination
    • Redirect traffic and emergency services
    • Long distance tunnels

    Arlotto’s Offering:


    • High resolution and real time video
    • Automatic alarms and responses
    • 360º panoramic vision in a frame
    • Long distance professional IR light
    • Applied analytics
    • Proven extreme weather camera solutions
    • Professional mobile NVR solutions
    • High level / scalable storage solutions

    Network Video Solution Architecture