Critical Areas to be monitored


Constant flow of massive public into museums and exhibition areas with access to art publics is a complicated equation, causing several issues and constant supervision requirement by museum management security services and general security monitoring.


Arlotto’s effort in providing professional and tailored vertical solutions to museum and art exhibition facilities give better support and a great help to manage critical and valuable art pieces.



Why Arlotto?


Select your area, secure it, done!

Applied analytics and automatic alarms in the case of potential risk, objects moved, removed or even people get close to them. A number of possible features may able to help security guards, Arlotto surveillance solutions are able to give not only a great security level in surveillance applications but also in applied requirements.


Edge security for better performance and faster actions

Arlotto network cameras are built in analytics, able to take actions and quick insight reactions to shorten alarms and ensure the bandwidth requirement are lower. Helping to the security system to work stable day and night.


Ensure the evidence, avoid legal claims


Arlotto’s high definition cameras in 5 megapixel provide best quality image in day and night, get the evidence needed even remotely in order to avoid legal claims by accidents.


Arlotto Recommended Products


Panoramic Camera AR3520P

  • High definition to get best detail
  • 360º Panoramic image
  • Weather proof IP68
  • IK10 vandal proof
  • No blind areas
  • EN50155 Transport ready
Dome AR2530

  • High resolution for best detail
  • Built in IR light
  • 3 axis positioning
  • Varifocal, autoiris lens
    • High resolution recording
    • Scalable system
    • NAS ready
    • Linux base NVR
    • Intel i7 processor
    • Professional performance

The Challenges:


  • Valuable art safety
  • Visitor management
  • Facility security
  • Queue management
  • Risk management

Arlotto’s Offering:


  • Trespassing line
  • Automatic alarms
  • 360º panoramic vision, not blind areas
  • Scalable – High resolution storage solutions
  • High definition, real time video
  • Automatic actions in case of alarm

Network Video Solution Architecture