Health Care


Critical Areas to be monitored


Medical facilities and health service are one of the actual main concern and service demanding areas for any Country, having an older population and more on-demand inquires to Healthcare management to offer better service, at the same time higher communication open new options to medical technologies by helping researchers and medical professionals to have greater steps and better service to society.




Why Arlotto?


Professional solutions for surveillance applied to medical researches

Providing best technology for surveillance and a great communication tool to medical researches and healthcare professionals, high definition real time test and communication is crucial to have fast improvement in urgent healthcare attention and support.


Easy to maintain, easy to use

Health care centers are sensible locations where maintenance and technicians are not able share same space are considered critical for maintenance, Arlotto cameras are 24/7 reliable a ready to work for years without maintenance.


Ensure the evidence, avoid legal claims


Arlotto’s high definition cameras in 5 megapixel provide best quality image in day and night, get the evidence needed even remotely in order to avoid legal claims by accidents or suspected negligence by health care staff of users.


Arlotto Recommended Products


Panoramic Camera AR3520P

  • High definition to get best detail
  • Weather proof IP68
  • IK10 vandal proof
  • No blind areas, total vision
Mini-dome AR3510P

  • High definition for best detail
  • IP68 weather proof
  • IK10 vandal proof
    • Hundreds of cameras supported CMS
    • High definition recording
    • Hot Swappable HDD
    • NAS compatible
    • Scalable

The Challenges:


  • Better customer service
  • Patient management and security
  • Claimed evidence
  • Medicine supply control
  • Quick actions in risk management

Arlotto’s Offering:


  • High resolution image
  • 24/7 system stability
  • Automatic alarms
  • Scalable systems for future expansion
  • Automatic room/area break-in alarms

Network Video Solution Architecture