Critical Areas to be monitored


Arlotto offers a complete IP video surveillance package focused on Government Security Solution, to protect citizens, installations and civil infrastructure against vandalism, natural disasters, terrorism and others.


Arlotto helps to protect your community against crime and other terrorism actions by providing a complete solution and surveillance units able to cover any requirement.



Why Arlotto?


Total Solution for Total Security

Arlotto Network cameras are fully engineered to work in day and night, able to catch finest and detailed image to support Police Dept., Fire Dept. and law enforcements to monitor a trace any suspicious action, plus advanced professional video recorders to keep valuable video evidences safely.


Easy installation and professional performance

Nothing more important than a having a reliable system, designed to be easy to be used and tailored to provide best result in Government security. Dedicated hardware and software to achieve best security level


Cameras that understand what they see

Arlotto’s high definition cameras in 5 megapixel provide best quality image in day and night, now applying latest software technology the cameras are not only a static eye to monitor but also to detect and advise security supervisors about possible risky actions


  • Automatic reactions
  • Remote access
  • Shorter action time

Arlotto Recommended Products


Panoramic Camera AR3520P

  • High definition to get best detail
  • 360º Panoramic image
  • Weather proof IP68
  • IK10 vandal proof
  • No blind areas
Box Camera AR1500

  • High definition for best detail
  • Best performance night vision


    • High resolution recording
    • Professional performance
    • Hot swappable HDD
    • Direct display of 64ch. without PC
    • 2U rack system
    • Mobile applications
Bullet AR4500
  • High definition image
  • Professional image quality
  • IP68 housing
  • Cable protective bracket included
  • IR light support

The Challenges:


  • Ministries and City halls security
  • Terrorism threats
  • Customs and seaport control
  • Prison security and management

Arlotto’s Offering:


  • Support high resolution for evidence footage
  • Applied video analytics
  • 360º total vision
  • Immediate access to the recorded / live data
  • Efficient / low cost installations

Network Video Solution Architecture