City Surveilliance


Critical Areas to be monitored


Having your own business is a very rewarding way of earning a living, but it also comes with the responsibility of protecting the company and people who make it all possible.


Arlotto offers a complete IP video surveillance package focused on City Surveillance Solution, to protect citizens, installations and civil infrastructure against vandalism, natural disasters and others.


Low maintenance and high performance solutions able to perform perfectly under any weather condition or harsh environment. Reliability for total security through Arlotto solutions.




Why Arlotto?


Total Solution for Professional Installations

One single source to complete the installation from A to Z, perfect combination of high definition network cameras to the finest image details in critical video image. High performance NVR systems to ensure highest performance level in 2 and 5 megapixel resolution.


Zero maintenance


In City Surveillance installation as important as total reliability of the system is the low maintenance cost, Arlotto engineers the product for maximum reliability and low maintenance helping you to have a hazel free installation.


Ensure the evidence


Arlotto’s high definition cameras in 5 megapixel provide best quality image in day and night, get the evidence needed 24/7 .



Arlotto Recommended Products


Panoramic Camera AR2520P

  • High definition to get best detail
  • Weather proof IP66
  • IR light for night vision
Mini-dome AR3510P

  • High definition for best detail
  • Small camera size
  • IK10 vandal proof
  • IP 68 water proof
  • EN50155 certified
  • Hundreds of cameras supported CMS
  • High definition recording
  • Hot Swappable HDD
  • NAS compatible
  • Scalable

The Challenges:


  • Manage high density population
  • Traffic management
  • City safety
  • Terrorism strike
  • Evidence footage
  • Reduce vandalism and cost

Arlotto’s Offering:


  • Better image resolution, 5 megapixel
  • Longer range night illumination
  • 360º panoramic vision in 1 frame
  • Video analytics
  • High resolution NVR up to 64 channel
  • NAS expansion

Network Video Solution Architecture