Transportation Solutions

Critical Areas to be monitored


Many companies have already used the End to End Arlotto Bus Transportation Solution. It enables the safety and security of passengers and employees on public transportation vehicles, reduces losses due to liability claims and legal expenses, providing reliable, cost efficient performance in fixed and mobile applications.



Why Arlotto?


End to End Solution

One source for all Solution, Arlotto Comnet offers High Resolution IP Cameras, Wide Range of Network Video Recorders, and Central Management System.


Low Installation Cost


With High Resolution IP Cameras, Customers may record more details than Standard IP Cameras, having as a result Less Camera to be installed for the same purpose.


Low Maintenance Cost


Using the best technologies components (with proven reliability), combined with the maximum protection for Water and Dust (IP68), ensure longer service life.


Arlotto Recommended Products


Mini dome Camera AR3510PE

  • High Resolution for details
  • e-mark certified
  • Vibration proof (EN50155 Certificate)
  • Protection for Vandalism (IK10)
Mobile NVR ANVR24M


  • 4 Channels Recording
  • GPS Module + PCIe Expansion Slot
  • Vibration proof (STD-810F-514.5 C3)
  • Google maps integrated

The Challenges:


  • Terrorism strike
  • Vandalism and grafiti
  • Unpaid tickets
  • Passanger safety
  • Traffic crash

Arlotto’s Offering:


  • Automatic alarms and video analytics
  • 360º panoramic vision in a frame
  • High resolution in 2 and 5 mp.
  • Professional mobile NVR with POE
  • Anti-vandalism / weather proof cameras
  • Compact size cameras
  • Geolocation / Google maps
  • Wireless communication

IP Surveillance Architecture